May 22, 2011

spiderweb traffic, thor, trump, woods police

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Just a tad nuts that this first long weekend post-winter they close the gardiner and trap everyone in a spiderweb of traffic at the very moment when people most want out! But then city planners and the town’s clown council are reknowned for absolutely absurd ideas …that they hash over through years of ridiculous debates, contentious nutbarism, and faked outrage, always emerging with an inane result. Just the think of the alternative food vendors, forced to pay a fortune for inappropriate city-designed non-mobile carts for mobile sales of good besides repulsive unhealthy hot dogs… thence cancelling the programs so they lose their whole investment. Toronto gets right wing and left wing mayoralties but nothing but stark lunacy in practise. I don’t drive but am a passenger on long weekends, and have learned that parking regulations are designed to maximize hassle, and it seems no other purpose is served, except petulance, fueling fury with the State. With parking the goal is to make the hours between 7 and 10am as infuriating as possible! Cheers, assholes!

Nonetheless people try to iron out the mandatory kinks and blocks and eventually have a day. After two hours of inching driving we bailed and saw Thor at the Imax in Woodbridge. Intellectually fleeting and surprisingly small town usa sentimental, the movie was nonetheless engaging, focused on tech, with some successes. Stunning climax!! And who doesn’t enjoy Woodbridge. 

I of course, take my downtown criticallity everywhere and wonder at the fact that when you go some place over priced the quality is often low. Mystery!

Joanne has the patience of a million saints rolling in cream, but the pizza slice was not of such quality as to feed to birds, and a burger king original chicken sandwich combo, all trans fats issues aside, need not be over 12 dollars after tax. Poor suburbanites! No amount of cash will acquire good food at one of these places. All… kind of glorious anyway.


the Trump

Tower in progress

was like


his absence

from the U.S. Presidential

campaign with a


But more impressive was the sighting of Toronto bicycle police working their way into the woods on some mysterious business there.

There was a lesson in it. They on their bikes appeared to be having a better time then the vacationers stuck in traffic. Downright jubilant. Quite amazing the traffic jams on the southern lip of the city the city actually extended north of the 401.

It’s got to be some kid of mysterious metaphor, these constables bravely working their way in there. The Woodsbridge woods police!


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  1. Veggie slice would make a fine scratching board for a cat.
    I guess nobody buys the veg in that particular Imax.

    Comment by blueberryerie — May 22, 2011 @ 5:29 pm

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