March 31, 2011

Moncton Canada Downsview Ontario East Van

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tonnes of good will from afar, tonnes of it, dream buckets, astrolabes as the amazing lowinger says, most elegant poet, you’re not lonely, you’re here with us
…sparts got so quiet that the cover of volume makes un wonder if saying too much  and ive never begun a piece of writing, past age 21 or so, not having an unspoken don’t read it if you don’t want what difference will it make attitude to writing but what a rich theme, loneliness, everyone’s biggest spinning pizza pie
…i was child royalty from the 14th century, reincarnated fast a couple of times
really not one for the period iiiii think of as the dark ages, the plague to end of slavery period, really fast, not tough enough, like a dead sperm, i think i was a parisienne countryside exotic model til about age 25 in one life, and back to China for another fast one, probably lived to 16, if that, felt like 16 though! and suddenly, from such amazing places, (i had fun in the royalty years, dutch or english probably, most englanders are hybrids from all the colonization, but to then be conceived in a place i’d never heard of, even 40 years after, Downsview Ontario – as a kid growing up in moncton where i was born. it was only at 40 getting a job in downsview (just the northern district of toronto) my mother said “you were conceived in downsview” which i’d heard of but thought was a neighbourhood in moncton so all the gulls and other birds of downsview that were naturally my family (Moncton! Imagine!People don’t even know it exisst
it’s part of human life, loneliness, and a rich experience at times

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  1. the gem cat lived his life to be invisible

    Comment by oversion — March 31, 2011 @ 4:09 am

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