March 30, 2011

Academics Chattering Classes

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You would not believe how human the academics I know and have known
have been, how the same as everyone else, positively emblematic of human possibility without specializing in it. While 10% are wealthy profs, most never become anything of the kind. And profs ultimately realize they are teachers who also publish and came along at the right time. Most are poor, which means
stressed for money. But also stressed by the demands of distinguishment
and so on. And are ultimately, like everyone, working. Whether reimbursed or not.
I’d also note, at the times all publishing has been part of academe,
anyone who publishes is an academic. Part of the existential intellectual establishment.
I’m not lying about that. Only recent times with its arch obsession with documents
has pushed into the back corners the formerly primary way of thinking
which had all of them together, all the important people who publish.
The division would be between all writers musicians artists academics poets
politicians even and journalists certainly, and all the other people who don’t do
any of these things in any official way, but do do them all, besides raising kids and
working. That is the real division, and it is kind of replicated or even parodied
in the academics vs poets official division. Parodied, thats all.
We are all part of the chattering classes.
This is almost like a political issue. All the screaming about the second place finishers in elections forming a government and seeking confidence of the house. Why is he lying on and on about that? Do you want a liar of such magnitude, when it’s documented like that, very obvious?
Proof that academics are just like the rest of us are this. They as we who are not among the chattering classes have what option? We 77% or so.
I can finally get back to this. The illuminated red “mouse” by which I’ve

operated this computer (first computer able to access fb and restore hotmail
to almost function) has always cut out all the time, and was doing it
with every action for the last while. Tonight, with simple solution of $4 used mouse
I’m realizing it was all in my nervous system, all the moments I expect the
mouse to naturally go lightless and stop functioning… and it’d shut the keyboard down
That aside, please don’t take my political misery first past the post five party system
to amount to a dislike of the individuals on the other parties, including Elizabeth May.
I’d be fine and delighted with her as future leader of liberals or ndp. And she is badly
needed in the debates. I haven’t seen a debate that wasn’t stifling and annoying – well have I ever? It was going to be one of those “since” sentences, maybe I don’t like debates?
But what is forming is an extremely untoward cliche: the patriarchal political family where the conservatives, who are clearly the only of their kind in the country, an angry rump of some kind, play the austere Daddy who is the only one capable of being conscious about the real money questions. And in what is really considerably an everyone else against Daddy situation, raging from 60-40 to 65% to 35% to 70% to 30%, the lower side will always win, while all these others from their diverse and contentious and much argued and thought about positions and perspectives, will always be in the position of crying to Daddy, asking Daddy, arguing, disagreeing with each other, screaming with dismay, as far fetched right wing policies come down. End of worker rights; tenuous resources other than being paid by employer; and what I think of as slyly destroyed human rights, where if your human rights are violated, they can make that part of the story disappear, burying inquiries and blaring loud scopped out media venues. Didn’t MacLean’s just cover it all with the g20? And people will be sent to war, and pious solipsism will be all the poor see, and all that the Liberals, NDP, Bloq and Green Party represent, as well as the Communists and Anarchists, will be invisible, nearly certainly more than 70%. The many who don’t vote probably don’t support the dominant players. Canada, to be rulled all 2000s by the rump minority. Not just a minority government int he parliament sense, but a starker fraction of the people here. I don’t like everything about Canadian culture but it’s better than what filters through the poltiical system.
And speaking of 2nd place finishers in elections forming the government
through arrangement with the 3rd and/or 4th, here is the actual letter
then leader of the opposition Stephen Harper officially wrote, in attachment.
Peter Tinseley is running for the Liberals.
We’re faced somewhat with two strong options politically. Rallying around the Liberal or NDP – I prefer both. Plenty have their problems with each and/or are bombareded with reasons to think they do
But they at least support overall the actual process of our canadian democracy

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