March 3, 2011

Bad things about rob ford’s army

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L O L “Wingnut!”
I’ve been a wary cat since moving to this city.
Trust who you really trust,
and treat else with bemused wariness.

The combination of a rob ford toronto
in a tim hudak conservative ontatio
with the cynical conservatives in ottawa
is reason enough to be wary and – to assume
that toronto is going to be put through hell.
Toronto has been all liberal ndp progressive a long time
and is about to be isolated politically.
Which isn’t to say that there aren’t further left cities –
but windsor winnipeg vancouver and newfoundland
don’t like toronto either.
The reason ‘conservatives’ or ‘the right wing’ win
is because they fight so nasty nasty nasty.
And remember, I already thought all this in the 80s!
Toronto’s been a trampoline for endless
attempts to attack and undermine
its progressiveness since I moved here.

but one of the other tactics in scrapping with tawdry political foes
is to not advance their reputation by mentioning them.
I’ll be looking out




  1. I’m really glad Gem has survived another winter

    Comment by Rosalba — March 3, 2011 @ 6:25 pm

  2. new ferals too

    here’s an update on my negative comments about rob ford

    I have the feeling recent polls have people’s
    stomachs in knots, bombastic bellicose ford,
    utterly weird ultra negative hudak
    and the queen b of nihilism himself, harper

    the rest of canada has some rethink to do
    it’s not like the tables couldn’t be turned
    I think that’s what the 70s and 80s were to cons.
    they are the chip on the shoulder right wing.
    low taxes, menacing distractions, fright games,
    woefully failing social structure support systems trust opportunism over opportunity, nascent F

    but people still lead their real lives

    Comment by oversion — March 4, 2011 @ 6:22 am

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