February 22, 2011

1–% 2==% canada re the world

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re Bahrain, Libya, Iran, Canada, Uganda, Egypt,
Russia, China, USA, Toronto, Korea

I find myself having said less and less
on so many counts
as the weeks have passed
tapped out not by information overload
or boredom with information but
more forcefully, to the level of completion and surfeit

It feels like everything we’ve ever said
of other nations and other continents
and other frameworks of existence has been made air

the heft of something other than ourselves
and our understanding of the world
has pounded through our left eyes like a torpedo

our tail wagging the dog politics is being wagged

it’s like in 3 years we’ll have the beginnings
of a sense of what is happening now
most of which because it hasn’t happened yet.

I’ve never seen a circumstance where all
of what is happening alights all of what is to happen

Looking on from afar is grim even in much of what is good that happens knowing the global poverty that will neatly handle whatever political outcome

fates of this or that “people” “nation” “tribe” “demographic” “region”
all like losts souls at a party in the 70s

so while my first Heart is ever with the obliteration of power
both by underdogism and sense of justice, in this instance of history
what is plain is that no one is very powerful, few’s power will last

a shotglass of elixer to the dead


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