February 14, 2011

miscellaneous skidoos

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i had a magic typewriter in the 90s
so full of white out cat hair and ashes
it was almost silent and you typed
by massaging it – so sad when the cat
knocked it down a stairwell …(no, that was
the typewriter before it, the cat hair piano typewriter
seemed so gone it was left in the yard in vancouver
who knew a densely cat haired typewriter wd be so impossible to replace

While we were in Windsor I was scooping up local newspapers everywhere I could. It had been a topic online coincidentally, dangers of skidoos. Where I happened to live growing up the space this side of the fence on the other side of our street was popular with skidoo people. It certainly was angering, having the insanely loud vehicles blasting along frightening all the animals. And our region had at least one skidoo disaster a year over something as simple as a tree route. I’d been actually trying to mitigate my annoyance about it as I gave my view. And while we were there, one of the newspapers had the story of a shining young woman from LakeShore deceased by skidoo misfolly near Wallaceburg. Just like Pete Cada back in high school, such a ridiculous way to lose one’s life. I’m no fan of pancreatic cancer, liver disease, heart attack, or even bad needles and hepatitis complications, infection, and all the other miserable ways of dying, but I don’t see the point of skidoo deaths. Why can’t people fuckn tobbaggun. It’s not a good form of car. End the industry.



  1. again so aggravated about skidoos
    I couldn’t move on past that point – it is so wrong
    the skidoo deaths of essex county where i come from
    …who told that girl it was safe? the company, the government, her friends etcetra – outrageous

    Comment by oversion — February 14, 2011 @ 4:23 am

  2. https://oversion.wordpress.com/the-worlds-revolutions/

    (the real miscellaneous post)

    Comment by oversion — February 14, 2011 @ 5:44 am

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