January 27, 2011

Animal Print Sentences

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Snow lays down a page and everything one didn’t know was there, or didn’t know for sure wasn’t there, or hadn’t been seen in a while, or were all suddenly out, and the page swerves and bends and by summer is simply thin film on everything, detail upon detail, for instance that it was no longer possible for the world to have a realistic debate. It just isn’t how the public mind works anymore. Being inured to other points of view has been the norm since the information explosion. There are people who can debate, within affinity groups, but globally, the whole, not even close. And from within any country, out to all other countries, places. And all other warm sensitive mammals, and to trees, and even the crows. The minds of true fish are impenetrable, as the whales say. But to hear that bacteria and we are an ecosystem was most fascinating today, a human is an eco whole, bacteria may be a form of spirit or energy, an intelligent life form after all. Much of what it plays out to is horrific, but what everything is is also what it plays out to, our consciousness and ‘fate’ as well as the bacteria’s all of which is to say that is that if it seems too much, it’s a beyond infinite process enormous and ongoing, all of humanity and animals and birds and fish every microbe enormously infinite and all of it will continue in all of its myriad processses unendably. Anything that could happen would only continue its occurring. “AND THEN WHAT?” It is the end of every religion and every answer “AND THEN WHAT?” You all get to heaven or nirvana or shangrila and then what? If you have concerns on this earth now, will you not then?


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  1. Are Jane Barlow oil paintings common?
    I inherited one and can’t find much about the artist.
    Any info would be great.
    Thank you

    Comment by David McCall — March 18, 2011 @ 3:35 pm

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