December 4, 2010

gemcatlands gleefulparty

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Such an awesome season end today, the company I work with is substantially seasonal, the autumn run leads into our holidays party, . The main virtue of the company is its informality of human behaviour. It’s entirely regular people, and feral cats, mostly.

The feral cat contingent just came with the building mostly. Back in the spring summer of 2007, a feral cat named momcat, and mottled everycat with the profoundest variety of colouration and eyes and odd shaped mouth, a survivor of dumping no doubt, had a little famly, two blackandwhites a black and dark golden brown, and taught them with utter total ferocity how to live int hat arbitrary little area. The two black and whites (I’d thought they were one cat for about a year) lived a little more or less than two years) and the golden brown, like a supercharacter in a movie, lived 2 or 3 years, and the blackest one either lives on or his and the brown one’s sun is the one in the pictures below.

Here is what happened: Some of the cats, if usually more of the males, stayed over to the ravine side and some are the sorts you only see every few months, but the gemcat is a woods cat and stayed that side. A little to the north of us is a trucking company (and plaza with canada post, a tools shop, a porn shop, a shawarma place, subway subs, and mandarin. Someone with an upturned truck on stilts liked cats. More than one personal volunteer visitted them there, a colony as large as 13, the official number of cats in an illegal cat colony, there’s 13 of us, we are 13 cats, 7 aren’t here, 2 are away, that one isn’t one of us, these are our young, we are just 3, 2, 1 ~ 0 –  try to find a cat, no cats here, haven’t seen a cat, have you seen the cat lately? wonder where he is. Well, an orange momcat took over dom power and gemcat would look on from afar, and the people from the city, feeding them and dishes of water, and the guy who used the truck on stilts for storage, and the cat rescue people, suddenly around may 22 last spring no cats anywhere. I was incensed, the very obscure business guy coat repair feeds groundhogs said the coyotes got them. For two and a half months I howled about them. But most of all the gemcat. He’s a woods cat, a woods cat, mottled momcat’s son. I just thought Toronto isn’t as good a place as imagined. A total born woods cat can’t live in a cage and would not human adopt any more than a three year old bear or tiger.

Definitely full grown 2/3rds the size of a housecat, completely different mannerisms, fast little head, zero human contact

a new species

It seems to have been a valid catch and release program that took them tho

No sign since of the superfast scrawny brown cat or the little orange and most of her troupe

I like to think that some of them had headed west towards the dump and thats why lookalikes turned up over that side, the mandarin ones would have likely taken well to adoption, but the woods cats never,


Even so though if even an enormous hawk were coming down on one of them I’d explode huuoooaowowuauauuuaaah

and most of the big hawks up there know me

if i came at them suddenly

they’d forget about the gem cat

It was an unusually great “Seasonal Party”

I got to actually discuss it with my ultimate bosses, and they are cat supporters.

It was the best food ever and the best mood ever.

In the 80s, Southern Accent was the only high end restaurent I ever went to. It had just opened, and there was an introductory offer. Some of the same people still work there. So it’s quite the marvel that this fine unique company nearly always has the season end party there. There was even high approval for the vegan offerings this time.


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  1. Happy Holiday Fun!

    Comment by Rosalba — December 4, 2010 @ 5:46 pm

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