November 8, 2010

The extra hour november 7

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Set out on my errands not really sure of the time but in a hurry just in case, all the clocks were wrong in different ways and this is the fall back weekend so no organic sense of time.

I noticed the pink and orange frilly clouds and started veering to open spaces for them, eventually making it to bathurst bridge to see what was up .

It was pretty exciting. It’s just the sky after all, but so impressive.

Those tracks are probably the best sunset view in Toronto. Definitely! Definitely click to enlarge this first photo, the tracks in the larger size are fully gleaming away in that shadowy portion:

It was good to have the “A” energy going so I pressed on for more sunset photos.

The Buffalo Bills had played in Toronto today and the game was grimly letting out, how do they find so many creative ways to lose! Missed and failed converts!

It was a good game and there was a lot on tv.

I don’t know which was more bizarre from out of Australia today, the passionate eye documentary on the church of scientology and how abhorrently they treat their workers, or Australian Gladiator show.

The word ‘strange’ gets used a lot but there’s days when it seems more like ‘goofy’

I wonder if thats stimulus funds money?
The roads were certainly full.

It can take as long as 20 minutes to finally get across the roads keeping people away from the lake, because someone put all sorts of highways there, and after much waiting, in a comical waitdown with about a dozen yellow jacket police waiting to come the other way, all the frilly pink and orange went out of the sky. When we could finally cross I didn’t even know the right way through or around all these officers of the law. And even though they were on bikes it was like I spooked them like spooking horses with my puzzlement. Practically had to veer into traffic to get around them, and one who was as odd about it as I was accidently went aground on the curb and was bouncing around, on the median out in the middle there. I said sorry for confusing him. and was finally at the lake.

Lake Ontario really is the overlooked marvel here.
Immense, tremendous, such a good lake.

Down time. Such a restful weekend. Down time is unexplainable. Down time is like the emptiness in Buddhism, a pure state from which life rebegins.

That stretch past ontario place is like the new ufo landing pad.

I got home and it was only 6:19!


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  1. shoring up of the princes’ gates under glorious pink skies. seems some of it is indeed from stimulus funds.

    your melting sun photos round out this blogpost perfectly, john.


    write on, always!!

    Comment by blueberryerie — November 9, 2010 @ 4:45 am

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