November 2, 2010

feral cat tea party election day *

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This is the first coldening of autumn, that autumn november transport,
the first one in years that has not been predominated with worry for outdoor cats.
I’m sure they’re out there, but they are not all about my nervous system.
ie There is not something I’d have to do

Specially it shows leaving work at the end of the day,
I used to do so with guts peeling along the pavement
worrying for the cats; my mind would flash on the scenes
they’d encounter through the night. Unfortunately there is the jutter

of how the last conversation I had with the gem cat went so not as so should had i known they were rounding up all the ferals there.
There is every possibility they were in fact
rescued by an entirely cat friendly man who used to go there
(in the distance I’d thought or guessed I saw a woman with shopping cart attending to them; but i more often fed the other feral cats that lived nearby a delicate spiders web of support for them, among volunteers unknown to one another

I also tipped boards differently at the end of each day on that facing wall of earth based on knowledge of the weather coming in, best possible in emergency and would imagine the cats at 4 in the morning in sleet discoveirng it and coyotes discovering it and so on.

American politics is a lot like that in this era. The remarkable thing about the
Tea Party is that it’s this burgeoning political movement and
I don’t guess anyone really knows who they really are or what they’d really do.

Halloween’s nearness as of yesterday might colour my thoughts
but they seem strange and unknown. Who could they be?
Did we have insane cousins at some time, who went on to become them?

Sarah Palin strikes me as that classic kind of person who way
out of the blue tries to freak you out with some wildly volatile orientation so 1980s horror! Others vibe everything from sheer gangsters, old biker mafia on some ruse. And there’s a sense that there’s so little that they think about that even if they had power just what part of it they’d use? Would they be able to relate to the professionals who do all the other types of jobs in washington? Washington must be the strangest place on this earth.
(buzz saw shoulder ricocher, witches eh? The shinies are really cats
may the force be with you. It’s like an alien siege

And then we give our head a shake and think of our Stepford Prime Minister

it’s the movies from the 80s, the movies from the 80s are happening
Maybe it’s just a dream

They could think anything about anything and they play mean

but they fail too, they are like the Buffalo Bills, they are not softening roses in the june twilight

My mother’s roses found the most complete life on old 295 kensington

True witchcraft is just mind over matter in the most delicate sense
you could even call it mind with matter

For sure if the so called Tea Party ever takes Washington
i’ll be like a water spider along the border – time to say no
to american requests but always the sense that at least 60%
of real America would agree overall with me, 66, 67!
Imagine the bullshit that goes into rising into power

the only logical move was to not be powerful

and win!



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