August 1, 2010


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Joa came and collected me and we set off to a night of discovery and exploration. More and more I find the perspective on earthly life I had all growing up, in St Jean, in Windsor, in the county, seems so much more real than the representational world which so occupies people’s time and labour – the exploration of the world itself (and the real accumulation of knowledge) feels more and more as it did growing up.

We’ve been conducting these explorations of the planet for some time now. It is like dreaming awake; the sense of ecstasy with the company, the ecstatic liberty of being outside the universal agon of the moment; as a noncardriver the maddening exhiliaration of it, like first visitting toronto in 79, or 78, or 77, visitting my brother or applying to Ryerson back when the whole radio dial was an unknown commodity

This trip, intending to visit the Wild Trumpeter Swans of Clarington swallowcliffs land, but intent on the necessity of figuring out how the 401 connects with the Gardiner and again, having not been able to zoom into the gardiner the previous time, resulting in being lost in the lawrence east westerly ravine end, this time, trying to find it from the back door as it were, we wound up heading west again! not towards Clarington at all, but played it out, and wound up again, as we often do, bailing off the expressway out dixie line, and came back by lakeshore, …not of this properly emphasizing the surrealism of modernity – the speed, mayhem, lane snatching psychotic red light running roads, as a passenger there’s times I truly do go into lockdown- collision ready – psychic force – ready for anything risking nothing ready and ready to collide. The worst predicament we’ve been in was on the collectors above toronto when the woman two cars ahead of us ran out of gas and stopped, with hurtling trucks and madmen bombing across the lanes around us – hopeless! but joanne on sheer will to live got us out of that –


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