July 1, 2010

Despite scenes like these, Toronto

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Despite scenes like these, I’ve been feeling an overwelming and painful disapproval of Toronto recently. Our treed and prolific city, trashed and violently hammered into shocked unwelcomed forced obedience to utter and disgusting injustice, for purpose of a global infamy, moreso really for the sake of doing so. Yes, some teenagers, agitators, militants, infiltrators, but vastly moreso and more seriously the authorities, annihilating such basic civil and human rights and decency of any kind whatsoever. Toronto on the whole doesn’t fare that badly against troublemakers, wild youths, angry, opinionated rare personality types, but thousands and thousands of enraged police, and their macchiavellian cynical manipulators, having them flood our downtown and surrounding area completely, trampling, jumping, abusing, trapping, taking possessions, overpowering, dominating, caging, and smearing our curious, rights-trusting, documentary-oriented, hyper-journalistic, proud and thinking populous, so abusive, and still, behaving as if it was justified, despite the endless accounts of vividly inappropriate actions… It’s stirred my stomach to the most painful state it has ever experienced, traumatized my mind, and eviscerated my trust. It truly has to be repaired. And how apologize to visitors from places like Granby Quebec and PEI? All rudely accused of serious offenses and then after a disgusting mode of arrest and putrid incarceration, released without charges or apology, perhaps given back their shoes and phones, perhaps not. How will they ever forgive us, including we whom never wished them ill. I visitted both PEI and Granby, wonderfully, as a child, and can hardly believe this has happened. Having lived in both Moncton and St Jean, places like this were the wonder of my world as a kid. Horror. They leave our ravine jewelled lively progressive city vowing never to return or never to forget what was done to them, and not even asked to forgive. Sure, some came to protest our insanely expensive ugly fence, some rejoice in a halloween-like frantic means of protest, a few may even have an element of depraved malice, was this ever not the case of humanity? Manipulated, accustomed to being abused themselves. But far more, including seemingly the majority of those maltreated and malincarcerated, sought better health care for people in other lands, fairer attachment to the resources in those other lands, fairer balances of sharing of resources everywhere, better respect for all, and the spectacle of entrapment and cruelty, the deceit, the trust gutted. I would offer them my apologies, and my regrets that it was done to and partly by the city that I live in. Our country is so much better than this. And Toronto “The Meeting Place” is of such a better spirit than this. Working through all this massacre of my values, my job taxes flowing out to pay the billions it will cost, working Canada Day, dealing with the stress, anger and grief at this. The wings are not light. What will it be next time? Will it be fit for human life? Will any worthy experience of our world be at hand? Will there be even a modicum of respect, good will, caring, humanity? Should people ever return here? Should people even stay? Is there such a thing as good here? Perhaps we should all leave. Perhaps the whole place is a shitty stepping stone for sclerotic vapid political rising stars of no connection to the rest of humanity. Perhaps they would prefer the void, the sterile, the fake. But then of course there’d be no taxes to consume, no people to fool, no one to believe the lies. Nobody to dominate or boss around. Just a big fat paycheque to spend on nothing. Despite these scenes, there could one day be nothing here.


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  1. Toronto City Council chooses to conspicuously commend
    the police job on Toronto. Well, depending what they were
    ordered to do, much of the blame should go higher up the
    command. There’d be some actions and words beyond
    even the call of the most unjustified command. In any case,
    any of these employees of the people themselves would
    intensely object to being treated the way they treated the
    public. And the Council idea that people had the choice
    of not going downtown is outrageous considering it is
    one of the most populous areas in the city. We live here!
    Enacting this militarism at our expense in every way and
    to our peril, obviously not welcome. The extreme minority
    of destructoprotestors did not merit anything like this.
    The brief fake riot could have been ended in 10 minutes.
    No cars needed to burn for any other reason than justification
    of a rude attack on the populous. Dalton McGuinty couched
    his words immensely today, bringing comment. I second
    his motion to never have one of these here again. Oh for the
    good old days of 300 police for 200 protestors. Work on
    all of this. None of these enforcers of the law would accept
    having their fundamental rights pitched out the window. Why
    imagine anyone else would feel differently?

    Comment by oversion — July 8, 2010 @ 2:16 am

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