June 17, 2010

Poem for the 60s Activists, & the Like

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> it’s not the tooth, it’s the anxiety! The awareness of mortality.Â
> I think we’re all old enough on n to be able to speak of that.Â
> Misfit percentages and so on, degree of at oddsness with how everythingÂ
> is supposed to be.Â

> In my personal mythoses, of the sort that a writer has framing themselvse > as writer, as a book after all is hosted by its writer, even a business guide > is hosted by the writer of it, computer or otherwise. It matters somehow,Â> it is part of the experience of the book, the person who wrote it.Â

> And one personal mythos is that, yes, yes, silly fatefullist archaic spiritualism, > but that i was sent along like a little dog to follow after the “60s generation” > who would try to live in completely different ways > than people had, for good reason. In those days big behemoth angry white men > pretended they were the whole society and everything that mattered andÂ> made everything just exactly to suit the worst one of them, so thatÂ> big behemoth angry white men would have everything go their way > and thats what justice and the law was.Â

> The “60s Generation” really were like the shock troop dummies > so that the rest of us since could say ‘well at least someone > tried’ so there’d be a bit of a roadmap to people not just > joining in with such runt pig orientation it was, violent, ignorant > angry white behemoths, doing their crimes, reporting their victims > to police, who were others just like them,  sending their victims on to be tried > by judges so oft the same men, …the shudderingly bad justice of those eras just before the 60s came along > Incredible that people so noble in some ways, with such varied traditions,Â> could just be so evil on the justice front, all the laws conscribed to > favoring the angry behemoth white male through any insane harmful behaviour > while women gays eccentrics oddballs nervous bookish typesÂ> joined all the ethnicities of the planet in being at the harmful disposalÂ> of big behemoth angry white males – angry white male behemoth violence > was allowed and even joined in by the state. Punishment and humiliation > for all the other humans, and animals.  > As far as I’m concerned the hippies just took it all on, with the rest of the  > lower classes and different birth presences, and scattered and have scattered  > continue to scatter. Whereas I was reincarnate bouncing from land to land > born in about 1910 of this life by fluke of my parent’s and their parents > skipping generations, the Pett family losing every generations’ males > to each every 20 years war, and my father’s being born well into the run > of gramma’s seemingly infinite ability to have children.Â

> Life in those days was so harsh it’s inconceivable. For some reason myself > I feel identified with the people from about 1910 to 1932, don’t know why,Â
> but always have. And with the mountains of China for centuries before that. > It’s like I heard of the whole hippy thing generating out of excellent intellectuals > in the 30s having lots of kids surprise generations of supersmart sensible > hippies coming along, friendly to everyone, intent on taking the arbitrary pain > abuse and humiliation out of ordinary processes, the sewer of stigma > that had somehow evolved out of the post war boom. Something awful > (always use to sense it as if on acid, still lurking in the towns) > that loud large angry white male, all fired up full of hateÂ
> and ready to kill anyone. Somehow that figure > was legislated as in charge. It took all kinds of test dummy > tossings forth, and while there are massive improvements > in very real comportment, it’s kind of morphed, that deranged > yelling man of 1955, terrorizing his whole suburb, > who was also one of the most connected people of the town, > would rule, thats how it was, and it morphs, so now it’s cheney and rumsfield > and whatever oil continues to run from that menace of a power front. > Christian? Really? Turn the other cheek 911 – but me neither. > How did ‘turn the other cheek’ become ‘lie low and have a business class > that arranges to kill 100s of 1000s of Iraqis and make tonnes of money at it > in avenging something Iraqis’ had not done, like 9 times past turn the other cheek > into arbitrarily pulverize millions of people who have done nothing to you > Of course people oppose this, even tho our American friends’taxes paid to do it > there they are still paying, while America tries to steal Iraq’s oil > as fake revenge for 911

> That to me is still the angry white behemoth from the 1950sÂ

The 60s activist truly did wonders for my resultant life and so many peoples

and one shouldn’t forget that so often it was the youthful witnessing of parents and their worlds beating them down over the years. Those 60s kids watched their parents. Such a strange double echo the 30s and the ww2, people had unbelievably different parentsback then. The successful ones would always shoot themselves in the head while the others lived in fear of them til they did. Two world wars of shell shock.

They talk about 1st and 2nd and 3rd generation emigres,

generations-from-shellshock is often the issue though.

Not that being several generations from shell shock

guarantees anything. If you grow up with unshellshocked parents

you’re just confused by the energies in the air.

“shellshocked” can include heavy war experiences

but also heavy oppression scenarios, and horrorful lives.

The movie industry troubles over this scenario sometimes.

They’ll take a family that has lived in wealth and poetry of landscape

and loving contentment for six generations (on native land)

and never known it and not even reference it but show how they too

had so many deep troubling disconcertos in their times

…while by birth others were being ruined by poverty through

generation after generation,

the distance from shellshock, the distance from unmerciful beings or situations

…it continues to grow


John R Barlow, 2010


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