June 9, 2010

Astral Flight, Telepathy AFT

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I’ve long interpreted the online material as a kind of subtly known mixture of the private and more easy going which people just personally know.

of the private and more easy going which people just personally know.
Everyone’s minds are as infinite as the world and worlds. I think people still understand what that is. The mind is earth’s water and air, depicted upon a sheath of ground. So the water’s speed over all the planet flying and evaporating and hurtling over frozen ridges in the land. The first time I went to Niagara Falls I was a kid and me and my sister went out for something and got relatively lost in a building of some kind that was a circus of some kind that wasn’t there the next day. I was taken aback by the monkeys. We never did find the store that I recall, but eventually found our way out. Eager to gather the adults and return the next day. But it just wasn’t there. Nothing around the area we were staying in could one imagine where that could have been. To this day, I’d actively wonder, had it been a dream, a supernatural experience, I mean if I could astral project, surely she my sister could too. How I loved the flying dreams and the time travel. And the horror of the 20th century one would suddenly wake up to. Oh no! Back to the wars among peoples, the shuddering distrust, the antagonisms among my school mates. A strange but gentle childhood. = Strange but childlike, nonviolent, always avoiding destruction.

Once adult oneself of courses, we are consignee to live in our time. IT is like our job. We have to be conscious, and aware. Not in the payed sense. Maritime spelling. But in the sayed sense. Ohhh wouldn’t it be nice if people cared. “Moon River”


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  1. Fairly intimidating clouds at top of this blog. The pics in all your blogs inspired me to begin to do the same though I agonize over each. Right now mine are mostly garden and street which is also what my life is, mostly. Your story of finding a Brigadooning circus most compelling. Once every hundred years and in you and your sister stumble. These things demand an audience. I admire your blog inordinately for the subject matter as well and the poetry it is in essence.

    Comment by Rose DeShaw — June 12, 2010 @ 3:57 pm

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