May 24, 2010

ALL WONDERS OF MAY/ignorant drug war/Spitfires Win/Windsor

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Certainly the best May I’ve ever had. Our planet is a kind of mercurial hell always embroiled in tension of life”

People who run red lights in downsview with red arteries flaring in their morning eyes in their stress to get to work in the morning remind me of my number one feral cat Gem of the ravines. Miracle this cat. His whole family tree seems to have perhaps had a terrible spring with the updraught of foxes and multiple forms of hawk but Gem emerges from absent weeks …

I’ve been back and forth to Windsor, worked full time, eaten well, witnessed the world breaking town, ie the owners inflicting damage on the non-owners, and can seem sallow and prophane about it, but the same values which make me loathe the corporate greed right wing insist a non-destructive relationship with the world. I come from Windsor after all, where we all had the lesson of Detroit. And the lesson of Windsor as well. Windsor and Detroit in their own quiet ways have similarities, and many of the same people, dealing with two forms of government. Demented Christianity-Obsessed Ultra-Anti-Censorship Freedom-and-Guns America, with its cultish majorities or primary groups, and Absent Canada, the far far away Ottawa and Toronto shadow governments rumoured to have say in Windsor affairs. As I say that I can imagine it sounds so American outsider, “State powers” and all that, but if greater Windsoria ever becomes a province unto, itself, I could see a Quebec-like Separation from the needless thinkings in toronto ottawa and calgary for that matter. And most of all, Edmonton Alberta. Stelmach: Get out of Windsor’s business!

Joking. Edmonton Calgary Toronto and Ottawa can’t even imagine what it’d be like to live in Windsor Ontario. Ignored forever, despite Cabinbet Ministers, and Senate Tors, Steakhouse politician after Steakhouse politician has had no idea

In fact the day a national or provincial government ever has any sway over the sheerly and truly random world of Windsor will probably be the start of some kind of earth quake politically in this humble land. In all reality, the places Windsor has life in common with, are so nationally and internationally scattered and almost always just as unheard of as Windsor-LaSalle-Maidstone-Belle River. The whole area just has its own life. It doesn’t want its youth snapped up out of obsession with overpolicing and tossed into the jails, just for accepting a ride home from someone carrying, and then the single mom in the projects has to come up with bail and a lawyer when her kid just got a ride home fuck that. It’s a war on the poor. Again again. The mockery of these obnoxiously awful COPS ON PATROL type shows, offensive! Don’t come around like it was Jerry Springer land. ?have some reality? It’s the Let God Sort Them Out, approach to community relations. Bail and a lawyer isn’t cheap in the sadistic and detrimental police war game. Leave the kids alone – and do not waste their mother’s time and slim resources! Outrageous…

I’ve heard it one too many times with policing in Ontario. They arrest everyone in any way momentarily present in the same place as a bunch of teenagers! All good sorting out chaos but it is fishing net policing. Like a thorough over riding of the rights of all. Contrast it to a parking ticket. $30.00. (I like the HST and Wind Turbines, btw) A random slam arrest on a vehicle that has one suspect in it resulting in the arrest of all in the car and the suspicion of whosever’s mom the next ride getter was getting home to, it’s like generalized aggression against very poor people, as opposed to the middle class penalty of $30, the poor single mom without money for food past the 20th of the month is supposed to get bail and a lawyer it’s like extortion. It’s destructive. Her son goes to a party and gets a ride home. Someone in the car is a police suspect, and they nab her high schooler teenager as part of some big big big court case. Instant bankruptcy. And the kid just got a ride home. All the lawyers make money. All the politicians make money. The police might get overtime. And this single mom in the projects has to rescue her kid from our unsafe jails because he accepted a ride home. The sparrows. The real people of Windsor Ontario. Visavis these maniachally expensive maldirected governments. If you want to intervene on these people’s families, get to know them first. And I don’t mean rec league badminton.

On the whole though it’s been a sweet sweet month. The Spitfires handily defended their Memoral Cup total with a 9-1 win (over Brandon) The Calgary “HitMen” would have been the more likely opponent – Brandon are a team like the Spitfires, and they managed to beat Calgary in the key game. In a lot of ways though, it was like a show stopper. I feel confident that the Windsor-Tecumseh vision of hockey Rychell and Boughner bring to the OHL really is that new. (Maxner was certainly an effective coach, the early Spitfires succeeded so well because of the long overlooked locals playing at the junior b and c level. Click. Windsor Royales had had their cult like following, all the most serious hockey in the entire region, unrivalled to London and Detroit, that was the hockey, so when the Spits came into being, the whole 300,009 people world of hockey that i assure you had taken itself seriously almost as the only hockey all those years… The players that came up in the greater Windsor region, out to Belle River, and as far as junior C Amhertsburg, point pelee up

What mostly people mostly don’t realize about Windsor, including Windsor people who don’t even realize it, arriving there when I was 9 years old, almost 9 years old, or 8, was that it’s a friendly and easy going place run mostly by women. It always look another way, but in fact the reason Windsor survives so wonderfully is just about entirely on the strength and goodness of the women. Who do rule! REal RieL

By having only the vaguest connection to the layers of government, the women of Windsor rule in the only life everyone knows. Nothing Yvette LeVesque contraVersy, 2 out of 3 jobs are held by women in Windsor on sheer volume of jobs, Palestianians are being jobbed, Israeli’s are being jobbed, Congo

Those worlds referenced in CNN have an alternate reality that is whole and complete, and very womnderful. I gladly submit to the house in Windsor ah

As much as I didn’t understand the crisis in Thailand, beyond its all too vivid bogus class system,

Or the Tea Party win in the States. What a nightmare! or, paul’s son has some mind for swinging thattea partymovement outofits justsostrange counter-productive for everybody politics.

In fact every living thing is part of democracy. I realize it might take more of a leap

My exact programming is for the health of all

I’ve interpreted from that, mammals, fish, birds, and o one day to understand lizards. I believe all mammals fish and birds are descended from lizards. And have loved Central American and South American and Hawaaiin Iaallindes

i so wish well on all of this planet and all of the people on it

…Well, that just about covers it for amazing and wonderfu things

a recap



  1. very cool blue photo with twig. Will read text later and comment, when I have a settled feeling. Just the first sentence sends me reeling: “Canada is an unformed country, mostly shapeless theoretically.” Quintessential Barlow. All those struggling to put their finger on Canada, and Barlow rings it in one go, off the cuff when no one’s looking. Goal.

    Comment by czandra — May 24, 2010 @ 1:07 pm

  2. John, in spite of the negative tones here and there it sure sounds like the month of May has, so far, been enjoyable for you. One more week to go, may it end on a very uplifting note.

    Comment by Rosalba — May 24, 2010 @ 5:12 pm

  3. Like both the rhythm and the warmth here. so much of what you write are songs to an upbeat, lazy river cadence, peopled with cats and like beings. Your poemprose is insistent as it draws you in, clattering behind the world in which you were previously till the whole thing falls away beneath you and you are caught up in the writing and pictures here. Always a phenomena, reading you, John.

    Comment by Rose DeShaw — June 4, 2010 @ 11:20 am

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