April 13, 2010

Caramelsides regular afterwork visit

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Me and the interesting feral Caramelsides are getting to know each others’ timings. Today, on the last smokebreak of the day, I got the thought, ought to put out some treats for him. Step out and there he is sniffing around, so I wave the bag of food and begin calling out. It’s the sort of man he is though, he gazes at me with twiny indifference and when I get not even that near he’s quick under the fence. But, I put out a meal, and say “I know you’re there, Caramelsides,” and head back – and he’s up and at it a few seconds later, not that worried, the colour of soil, and like everyone, one day he’ll be part of it, but for now he’s like a guy at his favorite pub in the afternoon, in the old days a diner. He minches away at it and carelessly forgets I’m still around. But I want to make sure he digests it well, and move along to the next hole in the fence. Clearly hungry, but I know he has his own ways, the long weekends, and at night, birds unfortunately, also insects, found stuff, and those Russian guys must like him too. Doing a fine job. Rodents, what rodents, no rodents here. He’s cute. He has a neat tight pointy little head, almost black, Siamesish, born and raised in the truckyard behind Mandarin, but moved, over the winter, to the car salvage lot. Passes each day between 3 and 4. Don’t see much of his siblings anymore! Grampa Gem of course. Not that social, the GemCat.

Caramelsides is starting to seem a pretty laid back cat, for a feral. Good hearing. Always so thin. Invisible in the shade. Can go zapping off in the first whirr of a begun sound. Never seems upset.

I’ve seen when I don’t have food. He goes to those spots and searches: one more. Two or three. The miracle of there sometimes being plenty! Today he found both stashes. Gem would never eat more than a small portion. A few useful bites, if that’s what he felt like. Caramelsides likes to leave none.

Am I using this cat for material? No. How much more is there to say of uncanny dark life there… with the other scrappy animals making their ways there, fast delivery trucks and God knows what at night. You’d like to bring politics into it, weave it through theories of the cosmos, establish its mathematics, and work questions as to whether these multigenerational ferals are evolving to another subspecies. Suggest he’s the ghost of somebody, at least imagine his meow. All these years never a meow shriek yowl growl not a sound. Evolving, they are I believe more like the other animals. For moments they don’t even look like cats. Caramelsides can resemble a rabbit or mongoose, Gem a raccoon or miniature bear. Caramelsides a link or otter, Gem a shadowy artistic phantom.



  1. Caramelsides for mayor!

    Comment by nic coivert — April 14, 2010 @ 7:33 pm

  2. the yorkshireman who manages the unit next door
    and is always outside smoking said
    a fox slowly walked by their tuesday
    skinny with a bushy tail
    …word is the cats have held a big meeting

    Comment by oversion — April 16, 2010 @ 1:57 am

  3. Burmese, perhaps? or a cross between siam and. Great peaceful pics with Carmelsides (such a good name) part of both fence & foilage. Could be anywhere in the world. Glad to have a quiet Sunday afternoon to see these. Don’t expect quiet these days. Last Sunday went to an upscale cocktail party even much worse than it sounds. Discussions of property values and real estate and a woman who said she’d have to have us over by ourselves so she could get to know us better whereupon I said she’d gotten to know us quite well enough already and Dick kicked me. Kept talking to me in that special voice reserved for those older (and much smarter) than herself. Dick drank one glass of what he said was a very good wine and could barely manuever into the car and home which was less than half a block away but we’d been somewhere else first. And this afternoon we are not there which makes it so much nicer already, just our absence from. I had to fill out a questionnarie this week where they asked where I placed myself in the social strate and the class they had below middle was POOR which I happily checked. Must go and frost some gluten-free crackers. Good stuff, John & Jo.

    Comment by Rose DeShaw — April 25, 2010 @ 6:42 pm

  4. I so adore these cats!Didn’t see a one today,
    things not going well for them – or – they are
    nested up somewhere on the ravines for now

    i so love these cats

    Comment by oversion — May 18, 2010 @ 3:50 am

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