September 16, 2009

Random land

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4th ravine cathere in the blog of course you can act like you’re in a wordfile just write and think and free extemperaneouneanize ~ even without an idea starting out actual chicadeeA chicadee like that thats the tree they’re looking for whether along a highway or in the woods, all one form of tree. I’ve been full of existential thoughts woke from vast lunar tunnel I’ve been in for years and wondering about Toronto. Toronto can seem like the rock of the world of time to me, the great contextualizer city, for some reason, unexplainably a found-ational eternalizer. 100s of 1000s of zombies filtering through the flying contextualizer all somehow finding their own improbable sleep in wakefulness here. Who knows how? 1000s of writers and painters and performers of so many forms, real pro per formers. The average pedestrian here has studied for 7 years at the sorbonne and taken at least 3 martial artists to lunch or for a drink or been taken. Just to qualify as pedestrian. The people here have somehow managed to pay what most make in a month, in rent on a small crooning space that leads them to always be awake in the dream of breaking even. In short, Torontnians are inured, vulgarized to necessity, starkly aware, and under such pressure, that if someone leaves a bag of boots somwhere, the whole area goes under hysteric government control and all life stops. Today at work I saw a plastic bag with tall boots near our dumpster and looked and there was a piece of equipment with an electrical chord in one of the boots, and I thought, I’m not touchin it but if I call the cops about these boots they’ll shut down our workplace and harass us for weeks or months with insane curiousity about the fucking bag. I literally thought, well, if it blows, we’ll be up in the front office much of the day anyway, and if I’m back there for some reason and I’m killed by this inexplicable pair of boots well, really, what can you do? I prattled away about it and assume a coworker tossed the boots in the dumpster. People illegally dump garbage up there every day

2 faraway blur2 gemcat sniffing2 pure gemcat on guard



  1. cats should be licensed
    elsewise when the trucks run them over
    who’s to settle in court with the insurance company?

    Comment by oversion — September 16, 2009 @ 3:16 am

  2. feral cats that is

    Comment by oversion — April 25, 2010 @ 4:19 am

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