July 9, 2009

Kaleidoscopic Detroit Through Windsor Eyes

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fair thee entertaining, diamond sky 2

detroit’s air force, choosing to replace, fireworks, with bizarre jet activity,

diamond sky

on a weekend windsor’s parks, so overgrown with wild greenery, anyway this is more ecumenical, against a world so rutted in presumption and prior dogmatic opinion. it’s all true, it only happened then, and these are mine and my mother’s photographs of it. Consider:

wider angle waxwing headshotthis is my photograph containing the closeup headshot of the remarkable bird in the park across the street from my mum’s. Such a sharp clear image was achieved in zoom that some might have thought I found it from a book, but gaze at the original there, it’s a particular tree, there now, as are likely the birds. These photos remain on the camera. Cropping’s a big explanation for it. Some of the photos, many of the photos, look like nothing at all and all messed up til a crop inside one corner of of one reveals the wonder of it.

jb looking at sunCan you believe that within such a photo could be that bizarre alien looking bird which turns out from friends’ online research is how cedar waxwing’s look at a given age. clover waxwing?They always look good I should say but, you’d take them for different birds.

yellow alien bird 3


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  1. to look more lcosel (closely) here:

    Comment by oversion — July 9, 2009 @ 3:12 am

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