May 24, 2009

Jordan Kujawa Scott meets Trout Sampirisi-Tucker for the 1st time

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jordan reading literal worldtrout and the baby blue jays

And hey, that’s no product placement. I was an Expos fan since they came to Montreal back in the 60s. I had no idea what baseball was, we didn’t get the station that well from Plattsburgh, a guy made of fuzzing specs would stand there, then Pop! Then all the static noise would increase, and I’d wonder, and resume ramping the dial to find the hidden cartoons, so when with great import it was said the Montreal Expos were on their way, as a seven year old well, all I could think about was zoning laws, state/business crossover in terms of liability, and the real effect of beer commercials on poetry, but whatever, soon after the season began there we were along the first base line. It was the names, the batting stances, and the great bird-like pyrotechnics of the pitchers on their little mounds, Mack Jones, in left field, like a prototypical power hitter, Jose Bocabella, the very definer of third base, and other great names, Stone, Steve Rogers, Andre Dawson, Tim Raines, as the years went by. Jarry Park was alright, great poetry name and so, no, those Blue Jays in the photo are neither Scutaro nor Lind, and this cat is not named Guinness:

trout with blue eyesAs soon as I entered this exciteable excellency of a fine and aptly named new friend was having a lively visit, between the old 30 bites means down and super important zips back and forths through the house, running through legs, leaping for flies, and peeling off poems from the crack in the door to be let back out, once in. consoling trout

An enjoyable writerly evening.

tucker's unreadable shirt

75 minus machine75 is brad may miniature?Life is not purely defined by success, is immune to perfection, if spring petals land quietly amidst soaring blazing guitar and one is briefly amazed, if the haunting abbreviated rage of a crow, or the bleak deafness of an owl, or the critically unacclaimed cloistered biology of the entertainment tonight vehicle fetish gun understanding – as if I could ever disagree with anyone quite that much – the eternal mind is forever neutral, impenetrable to mine or anyone else’s claims, and, as a Leaf fan, I say whether you are a jackoninetales like brian mulroney, or a classy clear minded well educated person of stellar values (polar oppositeness qua Canada) success and failure rates may easily compare with baseball pitching and batting averages, and you will have the instincts of a sparrow or trout ~ that right

sparrow friend joining me for a...trout in wonderland

The Threnodies are tremendous. Who slipped that cd into my backpack over the last few months. So kind. Unless it was really them at Phog Easter Saturday night. CBC has high up Reggae “don’t have to be like that” so I’ll pause from the threnodies, not go off on such tangents. 90,000 blogs an hour were being newly made, at one point, the massive wads of text on them, all that writing advancing and developing language, language abilities, quickly becoming unfollowable, it was only when the blog movement gave way to the capricious allthingsatonce networks, that the blue jays and leafs and raptors and tfc but not the argos, finally began rebuilding. The conversations last night, really good ones, but with hints of Windsor and Vancouver image-du-humane did I really wonder how Toronto really does perceive itself, so comically, transcendentedly distinct from how it is viewed. We accept that. Every city is a collage of peoples from the whole planet, not all people are from St Jean, I know it must seem that way, and some have heard of Kelowna, somehow, but don’t remember the context. The male host of the party went to Rockets games growing up, and his BC bud actually literally supports Kelowna versus Windsor Sunday afternoon, la Coupe Meme, (Quebec may have been a lot smarter about what was up in WW1 but take your national hubris home if you think the Berniers and Bouchards and Montmouths – and the Bedards, *practically Depardieu Canadiens, the Montcalms and Quennevilles, and nihilists and atheists and supernatural occultic painters of bird habitat, the meaning of Cups,

Coupe du Meme? Don Cherry doesn’t know either. It’s surprising that my comments about Rufus Wainwright’s version of the sacred song Trailor For Sale Or Rent is greeted with the previously unheard version of Hallejula

…there is italics supernatural, musical coincidence, and true subtlety in every kind of food preparation



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