March 29, 2009

Internet does go fast, best have 17th century music playing

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We never believed anything and wandered off into Shakespeare’s Pirate Stories… Alternative means of making a living, piracy – and I don’t mean postmodern metaphoric uses of pirating, but pirating itself, searching the sea for other ships, and laying them waste! Stealing all the spoils. Probably though, it was a whole other thing than the big story big ship battles suggest. But sailing around, you’d find abandoned things, things thrown overboard, shipments on their way somewhere too slow, and sunken ships. A Pirate Vessel with good eyes might spot much, and after all, the boats a place to live, it’s powered by wind, and there’s fish in the sea. And the British were only so welcome to begin with. As a pirate, there’d be good days, and there’d be bad days. As a crewman on a British Ship, there’d be a lot of bad days.
It really is a relief I’m as pre-sick as I thought for a few minutes there, just based on exhaustion, weariment at the idea of sitting up. How could I be so tired? Deeply, naturally, fundamentally lazy, how could I let this happen? Trouble is, I really enjoyed all the physical labour. Got into a groove, even mildly efficient. As the temperatures came back down to normal.
The Leafs are growing more comfortable.
next year they’ll easily make the playoffs, the cup runneth over, moments

a feral cat early in the morning thnking through his day



  1. Oh wow! These visuals say so MUCH! How the fir frames the gem shot. How it reminds me of an orange book cover with a similar black cat and blue moon. The light, too, in the first pic, how it glimmers and glows on the net, seems to move. This is great stuff, John. So glad I followed the link to here. Check out my granny songs on the raging grannie song site. I think it’s raginggrannies.net We’re up to 200 this Sunday morning. Rose

    Comment by Rose DeShaw — March 29, 2009 @ 12:01 pm

  2. Isn’t it called “Baroque-music” – or, dee type of phase all artist go through, “their Baroque-period?” Y’arrr!!!

    Comment by gshanger — March 11, 2010 @ 11:27 pm

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